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Lauren Rose has two short stories with romantic elements published in anthologies by Story Island Publishing. Find the details below, including where they can be purchased. 

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Where the Wild Roses Lead

A short story that can be found in Fated, a romantic fantasy themed anthology from Stormy Island Publishing ~

An unbreakable curse. An endless winter. A love story unlike any other. 
A harrowing curse besets Bloomsend; one of darkness and winter that takes the lives of the young and frail. Keira sees a town drained of colour and finds a way to breathe a little bit of life back into her home, with one single red flower. But sometimes even a single flower can bring with it trouble of its own. Will the courage, curiosity, and desire of two strangers change the fate of Bloomsend? Only time will tell. 

Stormy Island Publishing


​"Just because it's fated, doesn't mean it's forever.

​Fifteen tales of predestined love. Will fate be enough to keep them together?

​​Not all love stories have a happily ever after...

​​Featured authors: Stella B. James, Brandie June, Lauren Rose, Kim Strattford, E.E King, Maia Cornish, E.K Earle, Rich Rurshell, Jensen Reed, L.T Waterson, Steven Gepp, Sara Mosier, Melissa Sell, Olivia London, Josh Taylor "


A Siren's Song

A short story that can be found in Salty Tales, a sea themed anthology from Stormy Island Publishing ~

A broken marriage. A trapped soul. A perfect dream. 
Erin’s life became an endless cycle of heartache and gossip when her marriage ended. Until he came for her. But what started out as a soft voice washing over her as she slept turned into something much more. The urge to leave her life behind only gets worse, but will this stranger give Erin what she needs, or will it end in another heartache? The ocean carries many secrets.

Salty Tales
Stormy Island Publishing

"The sea has a way of speaking to your soul, of casting its captivating spell and drawing you to its sandy shores. Dive into this multi-genre collection of sea-themed stories to discover what secrets are kept beneath the waves. Sirens, mermaids, and beach-combing serial killers are just a few of the characters you will meet on your adventures beneath the surface of this anthology. Love, suspense, fantasy—there’s a salty tale here for everyone.

Featured authors: Bethany Snyder, Micheal Harding, Olivia London, Rich Rurshell, Jordyn Presley, V. Mylynne Smith, Melissa Sell, Jensen Reed, Aaina Batool, Sara Mosier, Jen Chichester, Katrina Thornley, Lauren Rose, Joshua D Taylor"

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