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 Christmas with the Alpha

Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

Sad, single and steam-rolled by her parentsCallie finds herself stuck in a small, snow-clad town for the holidays. A long overdue family reunion takes an unexpected turn when she meets Viktor, a rough, gruff bad-boy – the exact type she promised herself she’d avoid. But their eyes lock and silent tension builds. Callie is inexplicably drawn to him, sensing both fear and an undeniable attraction.

Despite her attempts to avoid him, she can't resist the pull she feels toward Viktor. Their interactions are laced with tension and unspoken lust, and it isn’t long until they give in to their desires, leading to passionate encounters that blur the lines of pleasure and pain.

With secrets, kinks, and an undeniable connection, Callie and Viktor's lives intertwine in this unconventional Hallmark tale that will leave you thirsty for more. Available exclusively on Amazon KU.

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited (KU)

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